a character and assorted miscellany by Amy Luther
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24-Hour Combat Towing and Salvage
Complete Collision and Small Arms Fire Repair
Heavy Frame Work
Mobility Conversions
Contract Glass and Security

Delaney runs All Saints Auto Repair, a towing, salvage, and repair shop for vehicles damaged by the hazards of driving in and around Night City.

Delaney, a 29-year-old New Orleans native, is a rawboned neo-vodoun blue-collar Anglo blonde who normally wears her pageboy-cut blonde mop wadded under a black veve-patterned bandanna. Grease-stained jeans, work boots, a tanktop (usually white), and a teak-and-silver crucifix comprise a series of nearly identical outfits. She likes tall black men, brass knuckles (+1 punch), rosaries, stock car racing, reggae, ultraviolent game shows, midnight mass, and her stainless steel Mustang Arms Raider Riot shotgun (SHT / -1 / N / C / 4D6 / 9 / 2 / ST / 50m).

Delaney subscribes to an odd blend of neo-vodoun Catholicism, in which the lines between saints and the loa are blurred. She is both a devout Catholic and a devout servant of the loa, although God, Jesus Christ, the Virgin and the Saints tend to take a back seat to the more immediate concerns of les mysteries when real work has to be done.

Her shop is decorated in early Catholic trailer park filtered through the vodoun lens. A five-foot black Jesus hangs crucified on the garage wall opposite the main door, the whole assembly wreathed in barbed wire and hung with gris-gris bags and dried bunches of tobacco. The theme permeates the entire garage. Technicolor portraits of various favored saints are pasted next to hazardous waste disposal permits, tin medallions dangle from hydraulic lifts, and votive candles drip wax down industrial shelving.

Access to the garage is gained through the garage doors or through a connecting office door which leads into the behind-the-counter area of a typical mechanic's waiting room. This area is practically wallpapered in oil and spark plug ads. A sagging yellow vinyl couch sits on the lime green carpet, and a warped wooden table holds some extremely ancient issues of Car & Driver. Behind the counter is a credchip reader and other miscellaneous nonsense -- a phone, a work-board, a key-rack, a calculator, a socket set with half the sockets missing, a few chewed-down pencil stubs. Another door behind the counter opens onto a stairwell sandwiched between a tiny bathroom and an even tinier parts storage area.

Delaney lives upstairs in a single large room, the cracking and stained paint covered up with bright wall hangings depicting saints and loa. All the original frayed carpet has been yanked up, and rugs of every variety cover the bare concrete (except for the kitchenette, which now has a bare cement floor). And, of course, the inevitable vodoun trappings fill every nook and cranny of available space -- a marble angel taken from a New Orleans tomb, wreathed in garlic bulbs, watches over her small altar, housing a shrine to a Virgin who nurses twins, one white and one jet black. A good portion of her income goes toward fresh food, as she cooks fresh for herself and the loa, and the kitchen has a lot of greens hanging up to dry. You'll find a small chicken coop out back behind the garage, and sometimes one unlucky resident will be hanging plucked in the kitchen's barred window.

Three manually raised doors open onto the main garage floor. Painted green, pitted with rust, they scream in metal agony whenever they're raised and provide as much warning of an intruder as her moderate security system can. At least two vehicles in various states of disassembly and repair will be in the garage at any given time; she does the majority of the heavy body work herself, often with waldo or exoskeletal assist, although she will call in a couple of mechanic joeboys if she gets a particularly tough job. She contracts out for security and glasswork, getting a fast 10% off the top for all her referrals.

Towing Rates:Flat charge of 100eb, which is deducted from the total bill if the towed vehicle is repaired at her shop. 50eb/mile between 8 am and 8 pm, 75eb/mile between 8 pm and 8 am. Rates can jump up to and over 100eb/mile if she is expected to retrieve a vehicle from the core of the Combat Zone or out of the middle of a gang war.

Repair rates are about what you'd expect; a few hundred euro to patch up and paint over large-caliber holes, a couple thousand to piece together the mangled result of your Toyota Avante's encounter with a LAW. All repairs are performed with a mix of quiet professionalism and religious fervor, with as much rum and flour going into the work as elbow grease. For a bit extra, or gratis if she likes you, she'll toss in some "non-standard" protection -- a gris-gris bag for your rearview, or a couple of veves painted on your hubcaps. Whether this works or not is entirely up to the GM, but she does not take kindly to having her beliefs mocked. The shop is closed on all major Catholic days as well as all days associated with the vodoun calendar... but she might be willing to help you out for triple or quadruple her normal fee. And she doesn't like blasphemy. Or anyone from the East Coast. Or any ethnicity besides whites and various Caribbean groups.

Although she can handle herself quite nicely in a firefight, Delaney relies on a complicated series of payoffs, free repair work and courier jobs (see below) and general flattery of local gang lords, mob bosses, and security guards to get her truck where it needs to go with a minimum of fuss. Her closest ties are to the fluctuating community of Haitian and assorted Caribbean immigrants in South Night City, and she is on neutral terms with a number of Jamaican drug and combat gangs. She goes lightly armed and armored and isn't interested in performing rescue service -- you can call Triple A or Trauma Team for that. She takes direct calls to her cellphone, occasionally eavesdropping on Combat Cabb and police frequencies for news of combat-related vehicular problems.

Her truck is a modified Peterbilt 2000, originally painted a flat black but now decorated, inside and out, in the same garish neo-vodoun day-glo Catholicism that is her trademark.

Top Speed: 80 mph (130 kmh)
Type: Truck
Crew: 1
Mass: 6.7 tons (6200 kg)
Passengers: 2
Cargo: 2 tons (2000 kg), or tow attachment can haul up to 10 tons (9000 kg)
Maneuver: -2
Range: 900 mi (1500 km) SP: 20 (Armor 1)
SDP: 100 (Body 5)
Acc/Dcc: 15 mph/40 mph (25 kmh/65 kmh)
Cost: @150,000eb

Solid tires, off-road capable, CB radio, tow attachment capable of hauling the cargo either behind or pulled partially onto the truck (the remainder supported on a folding half-trailer). There is a pintle mount on the cab, accessible through a sliding panel above the passenger seat. A 5.56mm belt-fed minigun is currently mounted up there (HVY / 0 / N / P / 5D6 / 500 / 50 / ST), and it must be manned by the passenger. Delaney can swivel it with a crank above her seat, but she hasn't gotten around to rigging a remote trigger, so she can't fire it unless she scoots over and mans it. If she's in the driver's seat, the movement of the gun is for intimidation purposes only. The truck is rigged for cybernetic control and has a moderate security system which will deliver a lethal shock to anyone trying to jimmy the doors, windows, or engine of the car (and beep Delaney besides).

When All Saints work is slow, she does light courier work around Central Night City. Her fees for this are low, but she is extremely choosy about what jobs she takes, mainly restricting them to people she would otherwise have to bribe. She prides herself on deliveries with no questions asked. For this work (and whenever she doesn't want to muscle the Peterbilt around, like when she's going for groceries) she uses a Eurocar Westwind, dented, beaten up and primer gray and black on the outside, mean and lean under the hood:

Top Speed: 155 mph (250 kmh)
Type: Car
Crew: 1
Mass: @2205 lbs tons (1 tom)
Passengers: 3
Cargo: 275 lbs (125 kg)
Maneuver: -1
Range: 300 mi (483 km) SP: 15 (Armor 1)
SDP: 50
Acc/Dcc: 23 mph/62 mph (37 kmh/100 kmh)
Cost: @40,000eb

Streetwise +5
Brawling +4
Human Perception +1
Driving +8
Intimidation +4
Heavy Weapons +4
Accounting +2
Motorcycle +1
Awareness/Notice +4
Operate Heavy Machinery +5
Education and General Know +1
Rifle +4
Expert: Catholicism +5
Basic Tech +7
Expert: Neo-Vodoun +5
Electronics +4
French Creole +4
Electronic Security +2
Teaching +2
Weaponsmith +2

Cyberware: Neuralware Processor w/Vehicle Link, Interface Plugs (Wrist)

Advantages / Disadvantages: Uncouth (-2 Social, Fast Talk), Intolerance (Yankees/Foreigners, unless of Caribbean or Haitian origin), Strict Catholicism (Vodoun), Vehicle Zen (+1 on all Drive/Pilot), total gain of 6 points.

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